Charles Hope, MD: HIP Replacement


Hip Endoscopy entails accessing the space outside the hip joint with a camera and tools through small incisions. This procedure is used to address pathologies of the proximal iliotibial band (IT band), as well as the trochanteric bursa. We call the combination of these conditions Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome.

For this surgery, you are placed on your side. There is no need to distract your hip, as the surgery does not take place within the joint. The camera and surgical instruments are used to visualize the structures outside of the hip that are causing your problem. A diamond shaped “window” is made in the IT band, where it overlies the prominence of your hip, the greater trochanter. This eliminates the friction that is causing a lot of your pain. The inflamed bursa tissue is also removed during this surgery.

During this surgery the tendons that stabilize the hip can also be evaluated, when tears are found in these tendons that can be treated very similarly to tears of the rotator cuff in the shoulder. In fact, these tears have been referred to as the rotator cuff tears of the hip and are treated in very much the same way with arthroscopic repair of the tendon back to bone.