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We are committed to providing a complete range of bone, joint, spine and muscle care to Southeast.

Foot & Ankle

We generally use our feet and ankles anytime we are moving, especially during sports or exercise activities. So, it’s no wonder they are also prone to injury. Whether it’s due to overuse from repetitive motion, an acute injury such as a fall or a sports-related accident, injuries to the feet and ankles are common. The foot and ankle specialists at Optim Orthopedics are trained to treat strains, sprains, fractures, tendon injuries and more.

Total Joint

Whether from a fall, arthritis or overuse injuries, hip pain can make it difficult to walk and reduce quality of life. The hip is the most flexible free-moving joint in the body. It can move backwards and forwards, from side-to-side, and can perform twisting motions.The hip specialists at Optim Orthopedics are trained to diagnose causes of hip pain and treat minor injuries as well as total joint replacement.

Sports Medicine

Optim Orthopedics provides specialized care for injuries that happen during exercise or athletic activity. From diagnosis through recovery, our team is ready to get you back in action. Schedule an appointment today and one of our sports medicine specialists will diagnose your sports injury and provide treatment options to relieve your pain.


Shoulder injuries of the ligaments, muscles and tendons are most commonly caused by activities that involve excessive and repetitive overhead motion. Shoulder pain is the most common symptom of a shoulder injury. The shoulder specialists at Optim Orthopedics are trained to treat tears, dislocations, and most other shoulder conditions or injuries. Our specialists will diagnose the cause of your shoulder pain and offer treatment options to relieve your pain.

Hand, Wrist & Elbow

Hands, wrists and elbows are intricate parts of the body with many bones, muscles and ligaments working together. Injuries to these areas are fairly common from sports activities, work-related tasks, injuries from hand tools or lawnmowers and other accidents. The orthopedic specialists at Optim Orthopedics can handle a wide range of conditions or injuries in the hand, wrist or elbow.

Orthopedic Spine

Your spine includes the bones in your neck and back - a column of 33 bones or vertebrae and tissue that extends from your skull down to your pelvis. Trauma to the spine can lead to long-term nerve damage or disability. The neck and spine specialists at Optim Orthopedics are trained to treat strains, disc disease, fractures and most other spinal conditions or injuries.

Outpatient and Inpatient Orthopedic Care

Optim Orthopedics focuses on bone, joint, spine and muscle care and complex surgical procedures including total joint (hip and knee) replacements and spinal operations. Our philosophy is a physician-owned practice that include multiple surgical centers and key hospital afflictions where patients experience superior service, safety and patient satisfaction because physicians are involved in every aspect of your care.


Our key facility, Optim Medical Center of Tattnall and surgical center in Savannah provides inpatient care for patients undergoing more invasive procedures, such as disc replacement, spinal fusion or total joint replacement. Both offer complete outpatient procedures requiring stays of 23 hours or less.

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