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Optim Orthopedics Workers Comp

Return to Work Philosophy

In today’s environment, quality health care, reducing cost and returning the injured employee to work is Workers’ Compensation’s top priority. Until a determination of permanent impairment is made, the ultimate goal of Optim physicians is the successful treatment and prompt return to suitable employment. This is the desired outcome for every patient regardless of type of severity or impairment. Return to Work is the goal of every Optim care plan.

Patient Protocol

The Optim Orthopedic team recognizes the organizational and financial hardships placed upon an employer while an injured employee is on Short Term or Long-Term Disability. The physician will release the patient to Return to Work at Modified Duty as soon as it is clinically appropriate, and the employer can accommodate the Work Restrictions. A qualified physician will determine and list Work Restrictions and our Optim liaisons will communicate with the employer, adjuster and case manager on each new injury and/or modification of Work Restrictions.


As Southeast Georgia’s largest orthopedic practice, Optim Orthopedics provides exceptional geographic coverage. With 26 locations, Optim provides injured employees quick access to physicians specializing in occupational injuries.
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Dedicated Workers' Compensation Team

Optim Orthopedics provides direct access to their dedicated Workers’ Compensation team. The Employers, Case Managers and Adjusters will receive effective communication, ease of scheduling and prompt treatment.

Continuum of Care

Optim Orthopedics offer a variety of services. We have an in-house MRI unit, physical therapy and outpatient surgery center which allows for quality care in a timelier manner. We schedule MRI’s within 24-48 hours and our outpatient surgery center is an affordable alternative to a hospital. These in house services allow us to treat your employees and get them back to work quicker.


Optim Orthopedics is dedicated to the highest standards of excellence. Well defined, high quality medical care is the outcome of a team-oriented approach to standardized, consistent patterns.

Adjusters and Nurse Case Managers

Our goal is to serve as your partner in preventing and treating on-the-job injuries. We offer a variety of onsite health programs, including health fairs and injury prevention programs, along with customized continuing education (CEU) events. Let us know how we can help.
For more information or for assistance in scheduling a patient, please contact our Workers' Compensation team at 912.644.5384 or email us at

Optim Orthopedics Workers Comp Physician Team

Don Aaron, MD

Sports Medicine
Thomas Alexander

Thomas Alexander, MD

Sports Medicine

Jonathan Christy, MD

Total Joint

Travis Farmer, MD

Hand & Wrist

Jeffrey Goldberg, MD

Foot & Ankle

Delan Gaines, MD

Sports Medicine

Juha Jaakkola, MD

Foot & Ankle

Mark Kamaleson, MD

General Orthopedic

Greg Kolovich, MD

Hand, Wrist & Elbow

Justin Lancaster, MD

Sports Medicine

Thomas Lawhorne, MD

Orthopedc Spine

John McCormick, MD

Orthopedic Spine

Thomas Niemeier, MD

Orthopedic Spine

Christopher Nicholson, MD

Foot & Ankle

David Palmer, MD

Sports Medicine

Jordan Paynter, MD

Total Joint

David Sedory, MD

Sports Medicine
Amir Shahien

Amir Shahien, MD

Sports Medicine

Robert Shelley, MD

Total Joint

George Sutherland, MD

Sports Medicine

James Wilson Jr, MD

Sports Medicine

Chad Zehms, MD

Sports Medicine
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